Discover Life

The Halsteads

Dr. John Halstead and his wife Susan discovered each other nearly 60 years ago and they have been discovering life together ever since. Both were teachers, John with degrees from Dartmouth and Harvard, was a UB history professor. Susan was an elementary art teacher. A Marine, John’s a veteran of both World War II and the Korean War and he considers his life at Fox Run “…a pretty easy life. We have even more free time now because we don’t have to worry about maintenance here.”

John and Susan have traveled to 35 countries together, living in Egypt, England and Morocco. In October of 2012 they moved into a Fox Run patio home and immediately, Susan says, they knew they made the right decision, “ When we moved here it was like coming home. This was a new passage in our lives and we have been able to do a lot of things we were doing before.”

Susan still enjoys gardening, sewing and crafts with her grandchildren. Her collection of Ukrainian eggs she makes are spectacular. Since retirement John discovered woodworking and crafted most of the furniture in their home while Susan put the finish on every piece. John is also a genealogist, authored one book and is working on another. He proclaims, “The thought of waking up in the morning knowing I have a project to work on makes me excited.”

The Halsteads have also discovered the numerous Fox Run community events, including the Farmers Market and the art exhibits in The Gyda Higgins Gallery, as well as the musical performances and guest lectures. the halstead'sPossibly the greatest discovery for the Halstead’s has been the new friendships they’ve created since moving to Fox Run. John says, “ Everybody here is cheery and upbeat.”

Photos, Left to Right: Susan Halstead working on her Ukrainian egg collection, Dr. John Halstead in his home office