Share Life

The Walkers

They shared life growing up together on a Western New York farm and now the Walker’s are sharing life together again at Fox Run. Siblings Betsy, Kay and Ray all left the area as they pursued life, and although they were spread out around the country, they never lost their bond. Eventually all three came home, each residing independently at Fox Run. Ray was gone 46 years and he says Fox Run “allowed me to be with my family again.”

share lifeKay was the first to suggest Fox Run for herself and her siblings explaining, “The fact that you can go from independent living to assisted living seamlessly was the greatest attraction.”

“I golf in the summer and bowl in the winter”, says Betsy, and all three siblings play bocce and are in Fox Run’s book club.

The family fun continues when the children and grandchildren visit. Everyone shares time together in numerous activities including the indoor pool. Betsy’s granddaughter even participated in a variety-show skit.

“I was having a hard time and Fox Run has been the answer for making my life worth living,” says Ray. “I give the organizers a lot of credit. The staff is great.”

“What a way to live!” says Kay. “That was our saying during our family campouts, and it applies just as much here.”