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In September of 2007 Lew & Harriett McCauley moved into a beautiful patio home at Fox Run and today they continue to embrace life the same way they always have.

“It’s pretty easy to stay young in this environment, nobody acts their age…and there’s such a variety of activities, you could do something every day of the week if you wanted and still not cover everything.” Harriett embraces every opportunity to fully enjoy the monthly fitness and activities calendars on campus. Some of her favorites include the water aerobics classes and happy hour at The Fox’s Den (Pub). Harriett is also still active in numerous activities outside of the Fox Run community.

Lew is very active professionally and goes to work every day at McGard, an automotive security products company he founded and still owns. He explains one of the best things about Fox Run is the camaraderie, “…from my neighbors to the Fox Run maintenance staff, everyone is just wonderful.”

Going through personally tough experiences with their mothers, Lew & Harriett decided to move to Fox Run to ensure their own children’s peace of mind. Lew explains, “We are in good enviable shape and in good health and we count our blessings. But, we didn’t want to put our kids through what we had to go through with our mothers.”

The McCauleys met at age 14 when they both lived in the same North Buffalo neighborhood. Married now for over 60 years, Harriett and Lew McCauley have three children and six grandchildren.