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Mrs. Susan Halstead and her late husband, Dr. John Halstead, arrived at Fox Run in 2011; “Hard to believe it’s been so long, the time has gone so fast!” Susan shares with us as she reflects back on the memory. As they were first thinking about the move to Fox Run at Orchard Park, the thought of their children came to the forefront of their minds. “Giving them this move is a gift, as our children won’t have to worry about our personal or financial security as we mature.” 

Susan’s husband acquired many hobbies when they moved to Fox run, from woodworking and genealogy to stamp collecting, they both remained extremely engaged while feeling right at home within the community. “Fox Run has so many activities and there’s always something new and exciting to do to keep us entertained.” 

Presently, Susan always finds a multitude of ways to stay active. She enjoys spending time in her small garden, tending to her patio home and taking exercise classes. One of Susan’s favorite pastimes is working on her Ukrainian egg collection, and with her grandchildren nearby, there are plenty of crafting projects she enjoys sharing with them. 

Speaking on recent events surrounding the pandemic, Susan mentions, “There are so many lovely accommodations that have been done for the community during the pandemic to make us feel safe, well-fed, and entertained. “The Fox Run leadership team keeps us all informed, which has been very valuable.” 

She praises the staff for their forward-thinking, as well as the advantage of the additional wing in the Health Center, added just before the height of the pandemic. We want to make sure we’re offering safety and solitude to those needing to be secluded. “It has been a real godsend during this time, as we’ve been kept healthy and safe all these months. And we continue to feel that way,” Susan expresses. 

Susan couldn’t be more pleased with her decision to choose Fox Run as her new home. “I can do all the things I want to do. I find time to do things I didn’t do before when I had a big home to take care of.” Coming from East Aurora, NY, Susan was already quite acquainted with some of our current residents. “We had many, many friends from East Aurora who had chosen to move here, and there are still many, many friends coming, which is wonderful.”