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Featured in the Springville Journal

By: Max Borsuk

ORCHARD PARK – Springville resident Ben Cyr has always enjoyed his job as the lead cook in the Bistro at Fox Run at Orchard Park. In recognition of his accomplishments during his three years, Cyr was nominated and won the Centers for Excellence Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Hourly Associate of the Year award. 

Cyr works in the Bistro for breakfast and lunch, comes up with daily specials, prepares fresh food with local ingredients from the area and interacts with the residents at Fox Run to make their meals as enjoyable as possible. Serving the residents and meeting them everyday is something Cyr loves about his job and he appreciates Fox Run nominating him for this international award. 

“I think it is an absolute blessing,” Cyr said. “I go to work everyday and it is really not like work. I love servicing the residents and the residents have such a good community to be a part of at Fox Run. I feel really blessed to be there everyday for them and I really just try and make a difference in their lives. I like to be the best part of somebody’s day.”

Since starting at Fox Run, sales in the Bistro have increased from eight breakfasts to thirty or forty a day, lunches have increased from twenty to fifty a day and many Fox Run residents continually ask about Cyr and love the food he provides. Whether its taking care of someone new or longtime residents, the Fox Run management team appreciates everything Cyr does and wanted to nominate him for his job at Fox Run. 

“He is the first person you see when you walk into the Bistro and he says hello to everybody that comes in,” Director of Dining Services Mark Herle said. “He will sing a song, he knows everyone by their name and even knows them by what they are going to order in the morning.”

“Even if we are hosting a new client, he will meet them and when we bring them back around for lunch, he will say like Mr. or Mrs. Smith what can I get you and he explains all the details of all the specials,” Director of Marketing and Sales Mary Lou Letina-Land said. “He is really intuitive, really thoughtful, really outgoing and the residents love him.”

Working at Fox Run at Orchard Park has been a great experience for Cyr and he appreciates everything they do for the residents and the community. From the residents to the staff and everything Fox Run accomplishes, Cyr loves his job and is glad to be part of bettering the lives of the residents. 

“The commitment to excellence is what really drives me,” Cyr said. “I’m very proud and honored to be part of a group that really wants to continue in getting better. We are on the cutting edge, we want to keep doing things better, the management team is fantastic, the support team and the camaraderie with people in the kitchen is great and it’s a great place to work.