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Ellen’s arrival at Fox Run at Orchard Park began in 2014, as she came from Elma, NY. “I had a big home but my husband was in skilled nursing in the Health Center and I was visiting him every day for several years. During my many visits to spend the day with him, I met lots of staff and other Community Members and found myself building true friendships. So, I made the decision to come and join them.” Ellen loves being involved in a community where everyone looks out for each other and there’s never a moment you find yourself feeling alone. 

Before moving into her new apartment, Ellen made some customized changes and upgrades, including alterations to her kitchen, creating a more personalized transition to Fox Run. “I had a large sink put in and a lovely quartz countertop. Everything is coordinated and looks so beautiful. I love my apartment here.” She went on to praise the marketing and maintenance departments for their assistance in setting up the apartment and working collaboratively to customize her amenities. “I had built-in shelves and drawers put in my closets, and also a built-in bookshelf in the living room that houses my television and all the electronic equipment. It makes the house much more spacious and enjoyable.”

Outside her apartment, Ellen enjoys getting involved and becoming an active member of the Fox Run Welcoming Committee. “We greet new residents when they move in and help them adjust to life at Fox Run. It’s a benefit to me too, as I’ve made some really good friends since becoming a Welcomer. It keeps me active and helps me get to know the new people moving in, and hopefully, helps them adjust to their lives here as well.” 
The care provided by the Health Center at Fox Run holds a special place in Ellen’s heart, as it is where her husband stayed for three years. “He received wonderful care as the staff was not only wonderful to him — taking good and loving care of him, but they were also solicitous of me and my needs. They were so helpful to my family and me in adjusting to his changing needs.” Ellen fondly remembers the staff bringing him special treats and stocking his favorite foods, including ice cream, which she warmly describes as “one of his big loves.”