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Fox Run at Orchard Park has added an entire two story wing to its Health Center

Fox Run at Orchard Park is celebrating the completion of their 14,000 square foot and $7.5 million expansion and renovation project with the addition of an entire two-story wing. Most notably, ten additional skilled nursing beds and a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center were added. The newly finished multi-plex Health Center, which is home to their assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing, celebrated a ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication of The Clement & Margot Ip Rehabilitation Center this month, with over 200 people, including local legislators, board members, staff and Fox Run Community Members in attendance.   

Improvements were made to increase overall operational flow. Four distinct neighborhoods were developed with their own kitchen servery, dining area, a substation for nurses, event space, and a family meeting and living room, all with better inclusion of natural light. Other notable improvements include a central kitchen designated for meal preparation solely for the Health Center, an open-air balcony, a meditation room and chapel, an ice cream shop, and larger spaces for activities. Common areas and living spaces were also given design upgrades to create a more intimate and comfortable feel. “Our Health Center may never be exactly like home, but we hope that the new layout will make it feel as close to home as possible,” explains CEO Bill Wlodarczyk.

With one-third of Fox Run at Orchard Park Community Members using the physical therapy services weekly, a substantial increase to the size of the clinic and upgrades to equipment was essential. Meeting the needs of the growing community is a valued priority of the Fox Run management team. “As a top rated Health Center, we have received accolades, wonderful feedback and thank-you notes from our Community Members and their families, yet we still think we can do better and we want to be better.  This project has given us the platform to do so,” explains Wlodarczyk.

Michelle Murtha-Kraus, Health Center Administrator, is noticing improvements already. “We can tell everyone is enjoying the new neighborhood dining rooms, which have contributed to improvements in appetites and eating habits of Health Center Community Members.”  The Health Center staff is now fully utilizing a new training room for in-services, additional office space, new elevator access, and additional meeting rooms to increase their quality of services and overall daily efficiency.  The new ice cream shop is now open for business each afternoon. It is clear that the opportunities created from the project are endless.