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Moving wasn’t an easy decision for Ilona Klein, but it turned out to be a very wise and liberating one for this lifelong resident of Blasdell, NY. After her husband of 43 years passed away, she found herself struggling to keep up with their family home. With one chronically weak knee and a joint replacement in the other, walking up and down stairs had become a daily chore.

This was when a good friend suggested she take a look at Fox Run at Orchard Park. Ilona was admittedly hesitant at first, but her anxiety was quickly subsided after a few coincidences – or perhaps divine interventions – confirmed her choice. “I came to look at an apartment and everything fell into place. I’ve never looked back.”

While moving to Fox Run was certainly a change, Ilona didn’t have to make any adjustments to what she already loved doing. She remains active in her community church, is the president of a women’s golf league, and organized a widow’s club with other Fox Run Community Members. The only noticeable difference in her social life is that she has more free time, along with nothing to worry about when it comes to her health, well-being and future.yocan uni pro redditelf bar vape 5000 near meelf bar 1800anchor

Ilona explains that at Fox Run, she never has to worry about safety, security, or socialization – and because of that, her family will never have to worry about her. “Everybody is here to take care of you. I’m never going to be alone. [Living at Fox Run] is my gift to my children.” She was lucky to have parents who invested love and support in all of their six children. She wanted to do the same for hers.

Her favorite part about life at Fox Run? The people. Ilona describes everyone at Fox Run – from the maintenance crew to the administration and fellow Community Members – as generally beautiful people. “When you hear the word ‘family,’ there’s absolutely no better place to be than here.”