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Through many of their unexpected life experiences, Jack and Mary McCall have certainly become experts at making the best out of life when it doesn’t go as planned. They first met each other in junior high in Jamestown, NY. However, unlike the typical love story, they did not become high school sweethearts and live happily ever after.

Both went their separate ways and started their own families, Mary in Tonawanda, NY and Jack stayed in Jamestown. Mary had two sons and Jack had a son and daughter and a career as a plant supervisor in the telephone communications industry. There were no expectations of their paths ever crossing again.

That was until 1997, when they reunited at their 50th high school reunion. As fate had it, they were both single. Fast forward two years of Jack “courting Mary” and her “keeping it cool”, they were officially married in 1999.

This second part of their lives were filled with traveling abroad and working disaster relief for the Red Cross. They planned their happily ever after in a house they built together on Chautauqua Lake and lived there for 16 very happy years. This was until Jack started experiencing some medical issues. Learning from their past to go with the flow, they began to weigh out options.

During this process, they learned about Fox Run’s long-term care advantage and Lifecare options. After taking some time to explore the community, they knew that this was the right choice for them. They sold their dream home in Chautauqua, moved to Fox Run, where they now live comfortably in a patio home. They continue to be impressed by the quality of medical services and the accommodating staff members.

Among other things, the McCalls express their enjoyment of the vibrant social life on campus, including happy hours and new friends. Feeling carefree about their futures, Jack and Mary are now able to spend more time enjoying events around Buffalo, attending the Fox Run speaker series, and catching weekly coffee concerts put on by the Buffalo Philharmonic. These extracurricular opportunities also keep Jack from getting in his words – “fiddle footed”.

Jack and Mary McCall didn’t always find themselves in places they had expected, but as they navigated through changes in their lives with positivity and acceptance, they ended up some place even better. They express having developed strong ties to their new happy ending.