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With homes in both Orchard Park and Florida, the Brunners decided in July of 2018 to make the move to Fox Run at Orchard Park. “We love this place, and we love all the people here. It feels like home, and it’s such a great community. We’ve met a lot of folks here, and we find the diversity of the backgrounds of the people we meet so interesting.”

Jan highlights the delicious meals and copious dining areas. “We love to have dinner in The Oak Room, and we love to have lunch in the Bistro because it’s like having your own personal chef. You can tell the sous chef what you want, and they make it for you — it’s just terrific!” She continues to praise the Fox Run kitchen and dining staff, “we just love to dine with people here.”

Though the meals are a daily highlight, Jan and Jim also love exploring the charm of the Fox Run campus. “There’s beautiful grounds here to take a walk. Jim and I will go to the gazebo, and sometimes in the summer, we have happy hour there with other Community Members and have a drink or two.” Weather permitting, the Summer Concert Series is also a fan favorite at the gazebo. The sound of local and well known music talent fills the grounds as Community Members and their families enjoy the music. The best part? Seeing everyones enthusiasm for live entertainment, and the well deserved chance to dance alongside friends and family. 

In addition to our outdoor amenities, the Brunner’s enjoy spending time relaxing in their apartment. “The housekeeping staff comes every other week and gives us a nice cleaning. I appreciate not having to spend a lot of time cleaning our apartment. Just recently, our stove quit working, and all I had to do was call downstairs to reception, fill out a work order, and the same day Fox Run maintenance brought me a brand new stove! There are no unexpected expenses like we had with the house – we don’t have any of those surprises here.”

Speaking about our various activities — from the heated indoor pool and fitness gym to weekly hosted happy hours and being involved with the Resident Council, Jan expresses nothing but wonderful words. In response to a recent request from the council to investigate ways for the community to become more environmentally friendly, Jan volunteered to form the Going Green Committee. The committee works diligently to create changes resulting in impressive accomplishments such as eliminating styrofoam cups at coffee hour, limiting plastic straw use in the Bistro, and maybe the most impactful of all — the collection and distribution of pill bottles to Matthew 25 Ministries. During this story’s recording in 2021, over 2,000 bottles are being dispersed to third-world countries for their clinics.

 “There’s always something to do at Fox Run. “It’s like being back in college except we don’t have a toga party,” Jan laughs.