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The O’Briens found what would soon be their new home after visiting a friend’s father at a long-term care retirement community in Western New York. After residing in Maine for 20 years and originally hailing from Massachusetts, the O’Briens journeyed to eight different retirement communities; three in Maine, two in New Hampshire, and three in New York State. A sense of warmth engulfed them as they decided to call Fox Run at Orchard Park home, and with their son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren living in Olean, NY, Fox Run remains the perfect fit.

With a history of both Alzheimers and Dementia in their families, a seamless move from independent living to the on-site health center provides Joan and Dick with a sense of comfort. They know should their needs change, care is just down the road on the same campus — contributing as one of their top deciding factors to live at Fox Run. “Every place we visited, we would ask what their [resident’s] complaints were, and the consistent thing we heard at every place was, ‘I wish we had moved here earlier.’ That was something we heard so often it was unbelievable!”

Wanting to move together, instead of waiting until one of them came alone, made Joan and Dick’s decision to move westward even easier. “We love it here. We wanted to get here when we were both together and healthy so we could mix in.” Joan tells us. “In every way, shape, and form Fox Run matched up,” Dick says warmly with a smile. “Within the first two weeks of moving here, people invited us over to their patio homes or apartments for a drink before dinner. I am blown away by how welcoming everybody is.”

The O’Briens have nothing but wonderful things to say about their fellow Community Members. “There’s certainly a sense of family here, and I’m just totally enamored by the environment—people are so wonderful. And that’s just the residents!” Dick says. “The staff bends over backward. I hear more people say to me that the staff exceeds expectations every single time. That seems to be a hallmark of Fox Run. I don’t know who hires everyone, but whoever does should get an A+ because they’ve hit a home run every time.”