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At the time Janis decided to move to Fox Run at Orchard Park, her significant other Bob was already in skilled nursing. She remembers the move stating, “I had to do everything by myself until I got to Fox Run…where my sisters and brothers, Fox Run employees and maintenance staff, helped me move. She was relieved that during such a trying time, Fox Run offered a support staff to help make the transition as smooth as possible. “Fox Run at Orchard Park exceeded everything I could have ever imagined.” 

Janis toyed with the idea of leaving for a little bit, sharing, “When Bob passed away, I was very young. I was in my early 60’s, and I wasn’t sure whether or not to stay, but the accommodations, and assistance from staff, made it well worth it. I also decided to stay because there were just too many pleasures here for me to give up.”

Janis loves the conveniences and socialization Fox Run offers best, as she participates in the many amenities we offer our Community Members. “There is a pub open three nights a week where Community Members come to sit, chat, have a drink, and eat hors d’oeuvres. It’s really good.” 

Fox Run also incorporates outdoor social activities in the warmer months, as the Activities Department always offers something to do. “I love doing crafts. Nicole Rooney from the activities department always comes up with new, engaging and diverse seasonal crafting that we can put in our apartments or on the shelves outside our apartment doors. It brings in a little bit of fun.” 

It’s clear Janis loves the social aspect of Fox Run as she happily exclaims, “I recommend Fox Run to anyone and everyone! Especially if you’re sitting in your home alone, there are always people here that you can interact with.” Whether you choose to get involved in social activities, happy hours, off-campus trips, or if you simply enjoy the comfort of campus living, there’s something for everyone at Fox Run. “You can stay in your apartment all day, but I can tell you right now with the activities around here and all the things to do; you’ll come out, at least once in a while!”