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While looking for rehab to help her husband recover from his broken hip, Suzanne knew the skilled nursing staff at Fox Run was at the top of her list. Additionally, her main priority revolved around finding a split community of care — one offering independent living for herself, and one offering more involved memory care for her husband’s Parkinson’s and Dementia. “I got him lined up to come to Fox Run for skilled nursing because this is a really good place.  Unfortunately, he died before he could come here. I, however, decided that I was still going to come myself.”

Even though her husband was unable to accompany her at Fox Run, Sue thoroughly enjoys living in a community filled with friends and her newfound worry-free independence. “There are so many choices of activities to do either on-site or off-site. I love it when we go to concerts at the philharmonic, the plays at the East Aurora Players, and the Botanical Gardens.” 

As an avid knitter, Sue joined our Yarn and Thread Club, as well as the coloring group, Coloration, which she says, “We laugh more than we do anything else, but it’s always fun to get together with my new friends.” 

Sue treasures the group of friends she’s made at Fox Run while cherishing how easy it is to remain connected to old friends back in her hometown of East Aurora. She even invites her long-time, East Aurora-based book club to visit. “I just invite them for dinner in the Oak Room, and then we use my apartment to socialize,” she says with a smile. 

Sue appreciates the freedom to make her own choices regarding what she does daily, which remains very important to her. “If I was talking to other people about [Fox Run], I would say that things are taken care of, you’re safe, and the people are always very friendly. The staff is wonderful, and you can make some friends, or in my case, old friends.”